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Many of our Prairie Village, KS dentist patients come to see us every six months. With the hustle and bustle of daily life that typically occurs from appointment to appointment, the questions our patients may have meant to ask can quickly go by the wayside. Don’t let this happen to you -- Dr. Dallas Ziegenhorn’s goal is to not only keep their teeth healthy and clean, but also to educate them and serve as a resource.
We encourage you to write down a few questions you may have and keeping them in an easy-to-reach place (a wallet or purse is a good start). If you aren’t sure exactly what questions to ask, here are three to consider:

1. How does my medical history or the medications I’m taking affect my dental health?

Systemic conditions and your dental health are closely related. For example, patients with diabetes whose diabetes is not well-controlled are at greater risk for cavities and dental infections. Diabetes affects blood flow to the gums and can cause increased dry mouth, which tends to increase bacteria in the mouth.
Medications taken can also cause dry mouth. While this does not mean you should discontinue any medications due to this side effect, it does mean that Dr. Ziegenhorn can recommend steps to increase saliva flow or prescribe a mouthwash that increases moisture in the mouth. Through discussing your unique health conditions, you can identify ways to improve your dental health.

2. Do you see any signs I may be grinding my teeth?

Teeth grinding is an unfortunate side of stress and/or jaw misalignment and common cause of headaches and jaw pain. Many of our Prairie Village patients experience these symptoms, yet do not consider grinding teeth as a possible cause. By asking your dental hygienist and Dr. Ziegenhorn, they can take a closer look to ensure you do not have any teeth grinding signs.

3. Am I using the right toothbrush/toothpaste?

It’s never a bad idea to check in to ensure you are using the right toothbrush and toothpaste for you. For example, some patients may be better using a different brush bristle softness. While using American Dental Association (ADA)-approved products is generally a good place to start, it’s never a bad idea to check with Dr. Ziegenhorn to affirm you are using the best products for you.

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