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By Beckman Dentistry
November 21, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: teeth whitening  
You’ve heard all the home remedies for teeth whitening, but does oil pulling really work?

Everyone is looking to get whiter teeth, and it seems that a lot of people will try just about anything. From old wives tales to home remedies, people are weeding out the successes from the unsuccessful whitening treatments to find the Holy Grail of teeth whitening. The newest trend in at-home teeth whitening can actually be found in your very own pantry. It’s coconut oil, and people have been using it for centuries to revive dull smiles.

This home teeth-whitening remedy of using coconut oil to whiten teeth goes back over 2,500 years ago to an ancient practice known as oil pulling, or even oil swishing. At that time, people said that oil pulling sweetened breath, treated gum disease, prevented decay and even reduced arthritis symptoms. Oil pulling is apart of Indian traditional medicine known as Ayurveda, which believes in oiling all parts of the body to produce an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial response.

Do some people believe that their teeth where whitened just from swishing coconut oil everyday? Yes! However, there is no research to prove that in fact coconut oil will get your pearly whites even whiter. Right now the American Dental Association says that more studies will need to be conducted on the benefits of coconut oil on whitening teeth before they can conclude that it works.

Besides not having results to back these claims, oil pulling can also make some people nauseous. While cutting back on how long you swish might help tame the nausea, some people may still find this home remedy less than appealing. Sure, it’s great that people are taking such a great interest in keeping their mouths clean and trying to get teeth whiter; however, there is a better way to brighten your smile without all the hassle. If you want to get a whiter smile, the most effective way is through professional teeth whitening. Our whitening system can make teeth up to eight shades brighter in only an hour.

First we apply a special whitening gel to your teeth and then shine a laser beam on it to activate the gel. Once fifteen minutes has past, we will remove and reapply the gel and then use the laser again to reactivate. There are usually three 15-minute whitening sessions to get the desired results. However, you can walk out of our office with a significantly brighter smile in under an hour. This option is great for those looking to get whiter teeth before holiday parties, family photos, and weddings. The process and results are fasts.

If you’re interested in getting teeth whitening in Prairie Village, give us a call so we can set you up with an appointment. Get your radiant smile back with our teeth whitening system.

By Beckman Dentistry
November 19, 2014
Category: Oral Health

Florence Henderson, star of one of television's most beloved situation comedies, is still actively engaged in a variety of projects at 75-plus years of age. Her bright smile was part of her character as Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch, a popular sitcom that played for five seasons from 1969 to 1974. Though the show was discontinued, syndicated episodes continue to play in the U.S. and 122 other countries.

“I played Carol as the mother I always wished I had,” she told Dear Doctor magazine. Her portrayal of mother and wife in a blended family with six children won her the Smithsonian Institution's TV Land Pop Culture Icon Award, which is on display in the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

After her successes on Broadway and in television, she was selected for numerous product endorsements, and The Wall Street Journal ranked her #5 in their top ten television endorsers based on viewer satisfaction. One of the products she endorsed was Polident, a brand of denture cleaners and adhesives. However, Henderson has revealed that she has her own natural teeth and does not wear dentures. Her advice to others who want to keep their natural teeth is to pay attention to prevention. “I think the most important thing one can do as with any health issue is prevention,” she said. “Flossing, brushing, and regular dental checkups are vitally important if you want to keep your natural teeth.”

When she was 22, she says, she had four impacted wisdom teeth removed at the same time. This experience made her aware of the importance of dental care, and since then she has had a checkup every six months. Wherever she travels, she says that she always has mouthwash, dental floss, toothpaste, and a toothbrush on the set.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your questions about tooth care. You can learn more about Florence Henderson by reading the Dear Doctor magazine interview “Florence Henderson, America's Favorite TV Mom Has Many Reasons to Smile.”

By Beckman Dentistry
November 04, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Tags: oral health   oral cancer   tobacco  

Chewing tobacco is as much a part of our sports culture as the national anthem. What once began as an early 20th Century baseball player method for keeping their mouths moist on dusty fields has evolved into a virtual rite of passage for many young athletes.

But the persona of “cool” surrounding smokeless tobacco hides numerous health threats — including disfigurement and death. What isn’t as widely recognized is the degree to which chewing tobacco can adversely affect your teeth, mouth and gums.

Need more reasons to quit? Here are 4 oral health reasons why you should spit out smokeless tobacco for good.

Bad breath and teeth staining. Chewing tobacco is a prime cause of bad breath; it can also stain your teeth, leaving your smile dull and dingy, as well as unattractive from the unsightly bits of tobacco between your teeth. While these may seem like superficial reasons for quitting, a less-than-attractive smile can also have an impact on your self-confidence and adversely affect your social relationships.

The effects of nicotine. Nicotine, the active ingredient in all tobacco, absorbs into your oral tissues and causes a reduction in blood flow to them. This reduced blood flow inhibits the delivery of antibodies to areas of infection in your mouth. This can cause…

Greater susceptibility to dental disease. Tooth decay and gum disease both originate primarily from bacterial plaque that builds up on tooth surfaces (the result of poor oral hygiene). The use of any form of tobacco, but particularly smokeless, dramatically increases your risk of developing these diseases and can make treatment more difficult.

Higher risk of oral cancer. Besides nicotine, scientists have found more than 30 chemicals in tobacco known to cause cancer. While oral cancer constitutes only a small portion of all types of cancer, the occurrence is especially high among smokeless tobacco users. And because oral cancer is difficult to diagnose in its early stages, it has a poor survival rate compared with other cancers — only 58% after five years.

The good news is, you or someone you love can quit this dangerous habit — and we can help. Make an appointment today to learn how to send your chewing tobacco habit to the showers.

If you would like more information on the effects of chewing tobacco on general and oral health, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Chewing Tobacco.”